How To Install Wordpress More Than Once

What exactly is WordPress cloning and why is it a very useful tool to have in your webmaster's bag? Most people think that this is a dishonest technique for duplicating sites to garner more link traffic and love, and while that might have been true (and useful!) At one time, this is an endeavor.

Cloning your site is another degree in secure your wordpress website that may be useful. Cloning simply means that you've backed up your website to a completely different place, (offline, as in a folder, in order to not have SEO issues ) where you can get it at a moment's notice if the need arises.

Well, we are actually talking about WordPress but what's the feeling of performing security checks over here and upgrades if your computer is at risk of hackers. There are files which can encrypt key loggers. When this occurs they can access everything that you type on your computer. You can find a lot of antivirus programs that are good . Look for a antivirus program or ask experts about this.

Keep your WordPress Installation up to date - more information One of the simplest and most valuable tasks you can do yourself is to ensure that your WordPress installation is upgraded. WordPress provides you a notice on your dashboard, so there is really no reason not to do this.

Make a note of your password! I suggest the free or paid version of the software that is secure *Roboform* to remember your passwords.

I prefer using a WordPress plugin to get the work done. Make sure is able to do copies, has restore and can clone. Also be sure it is frequently updated to keep pace. There's absolutely not any use in not functioning, and backing up your data to a plugin that is out of date.

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